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Lotus M property management specialise in providing solutions to ensure that your properties are well managed and provides a safe and welcoming environment. 

As a managing company of development we are providing these services:

• Electricity supply to communal area

• Water supply to communal area

• Running cost and operation of gym, swimming pool and Sauna

• Maintenance and cleaning of Gardens

• Maintenance of central satellite system

• Security (where available)

• Shuttle bus (where available)


Individual Property Management


Individual property management is a service designed and provided for our customers

comfort and peace of mind whilst you are away from your homes.


Individual property management consists of:

1. Fortnightly visits to your property include: 

Exterior and interior inspection, airing, testing water and electricity supplies, checking toilets and sinks (flushing water to avoid stale water smells in your home)

2. Monitoring utility bills and tax payments.

3. Keeping your key in LOTUS M safe box and providing access to the property only with your authorisation. For example; for your guests, for any maintenance issues or cleaning services.

4. If there are any issues identified during our monitoring of your property, we will contact you through the medium agreed (i.e.  email, telephone)

5. Enhancements to your apartment at discounted prices.

6. Supervising, at a discounted rate,  any ongoing works undertaken by third parties at your property.

7. Opening bank accounts and organizing direct debit payments for electricity, telephone, water, managing, satellite fees and etc.


Individual property management service is offered at an extra cost of 120 EUR for the year of 2016.


Airport Transfer


Our mission is to make sure all our clients are transported to their destinations with utmost satisfaction and safety.


Here are the price details of our transfer services for one-way trip:

a) €45 (1-4 passengers)

b) €60 (5-8 passengers)

c) €80 (9-15 passengers)

*If we transfer 2 or more families in one car, each family will receive a €10 discount, your

discount will be deducted from your online account within 2 working days of your transfer



Cleaning and Laundry


For you and your guests convenience, we are offering you cleaning and laundry service.

Our cleaning services are flexible to suit your requirements, All equipment and cleaning

materials are supplied by our company. At least 3 days notice is required to book this service.

We charge a set fee depending on the size of your property.

a) 1 bedroom apartment - €30

b) 2 bedroom apartment - €35

c) 3 bedroom apartment - €40

d) 2 bedroom duplex - €40

e) 3-4 bedroom duplex - €45

f) Duplex Villa - €60

g) Triplex Villa - €60


Laundry service will be provided on request together with the cleaning service.


a) Bed Sheet - €0.80

b) Duvet Cover - €1.20

c) Summer Blanket - €1.20

d) Pillowcase - €0.40

e) Big Towel - €0.80

f) Small Towel - €0.40

g) Foot Towel €0.40

h) Duvet - €7.50

i) Winter Blanket – 5.50

j) Napkin - €0.20

k) Table Cover - €0.40

l) Trousers/Skirts - €0.80

m) Shirt - €0.80

n) T-shirt - €0.60


*You will see your laundry charge on your online account within 2 days of laundry. * Lotus

M reserves the right to change above prices at any times.


Handyman Services

For your convenience, we are offering services to solve technical (plumbing,

electricity and other) problems in a cost effective and prompt way.



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